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Lappeenranta speciality show

Breederjudge Irina Poletaeva

Faustkämpfen Xanadu BB1, CC, Fi Ch, BOB + FinnSg-point

White siblings Yitzhak and Yolande were BM2 and BB2. Thanks for everyone!

We picked up also a new member to our team; adorable pepper-boy Nero, Cartoon Heroes Nangijala.Thank you Niina and Sari and “Team Hakulinen”.

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Mohamed says:

You’ve been pretty busy, Meari. I love the cross sittch pictures, that I see in your blog. The Japanses lady with the parasol. The snowman stuff… and the things, that you won are fun too. As for your gardening, it looks better than mine right now by far. The Texas sun is killing mine. The squash plants when to heaven of somewhere. lol.. I did plant some more seeds and hope something comes up. My herb garden is doing fine though. I enjoyed looking at your sittching and gardening pictures.Kathleen

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